Business Assessment


Are you able to experience any of the following?


1. Do you spend the majority of your time moving the business toward your vision instead of putting out fires?


2. Can you clearly articulate a picture of what the business will be like when you have realized your vision for it?


3. Do you clearly know, through objective data, how your customers and prospects perceive your business?


4. Do you look at your financial statements monthly and make full use of them?


5. Are you able to accurately control your cash flow, your receivables, your payables, and your capital needs?


6. Do you know, realistically, how much your business is worth in the marketplace?


7. If certain employees left your company, do you know if it would continue to operate normally?


8. Are you able to consistently find, train, and retain new employees?


9. Do your employees consistently perform to expectations?


10. Are you predictably able to reach qualified prospects for your business that are likely to buy from you?


11. Do you have a consistent method for reaching and communicating a compelling message to your target market in a way that you can train anyone to follow?


12. Do you clearly and objectively understand the emotional needs and motivations of your target market?


13. Does your business consistently satisfy the needs of your customers in a way that is both good for your customers and the business?


14. Are you able to keep your promises to your customers consistently all the time?




If you answer no to any of these questions, this is something that you need to examine closer.  Jim has a comprehensive set of small business processes for addressing these concerns and helping your business achieve greater profitability & growth.


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