A Quality Production Process

How To Make A Service Offering Exceed Expectations

Inconsistent customer service is a major frustration for customers.  Most businesses rely on their people to deliver the quality service that is promised in the marketing efforts of the business.  Most of the time the employee does whatever is necessary to make sure that promise is delivered, but they do it the best way they see fit, not necessarily the way it was conceived by the business owner.  So the customer may get what was promised and they may not, depending on who they interface with at the company.

Reduced errors in engagment deals by 90% by creating a production process to maximize workflow and quality fulfillment

To make sure that a service is delivered with consistent quality requires that service processes be well documented and followed closely by all involved in its delivery.  This is the “production process” of a service business.  Production is what makes the service a reality for our customers.  In our business it was how we processed everything from the engagement contract to the successful training to invoicing the travel expenses and fees correctly.  We created a standard workflow of how a deal is processed from agreement with the client to invoicing after the class is done.  All the contributors had to understand the timing and the standards necessary to make sure that everyone along the way had what they needed when they needed it.  We diagrammed the process, established a baseline, and established procedures for evaluating each step in terms of inputs and outputs, volume, quality, timing, and intangible considerations.  Each step required inputs be matched to outputs of the step immediately previous or subsequent in the process.  Then we had a system in place for identifying opportunities for improvement and making small innovations, testing and implementing them.  As a result over several years, we reduced errors by 90%.


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