Solving An Industry Problem

How To Quickly Find Qualified Technical Trainers For Highly Specialized Technical Courses

The technical software training industry began offering training certifications for operating systems in PC networking and Client Server systems along with certification courses to set industry standard competency for consultants and support personnel.  These courses needed to be taught by certified trainers for each particular course.  The problem that arose was a shortage of certified trainers to meet the demand for training.  Authorized training centers across the nation would often have to cancel a course offering due to lack of an available certified trainer.  Training centers were unable to take advantage of the business opportunity to train technical support personnel and prepare them for certification updates each time they had to cancel a class.

Built a company from $100k annual sales to $6 million by developing a system for quickly finding hard to locate technical trainers

Certified trainers were required to meet certain qualifications and pass certain certification exams to qualify as an authorized trainer.  Certified trainers also were required to make a significant investment to take the authorized courses they were preparing to teach and then pass the corresponding certification exams.  They would only prepare to teach the courses they knew were in highest demand so that they would be sure to get steady work.  That provided enough trainers for the basic courses, but a severe shortage in the more advanced courses requiring greater specialization.  Training center managers were expressing a frustration of being able to find certified trainers on highly specialized courses and would often have to cancel classes.  The independent contract trainers in the field were not preparing to teach courses that they thought were not being offered often enough to justify their investment in it.  Solving the problem involved creating a database of certified trainers available in the market with all their contact information, availability schedule, and courses they were certified to teach.  Creating this comprehensive database made it possible to provide a certified trainer for a highly specialized course being offered in one phone call.  As trainers in this database became aware of more opportunities in these specialized courses, they made the necessary investments to certify on them.  As a result this company grew to $1.2 million in sales the first year, up to $3.5 million by the fourth year and ultimately to $6 million in the seventh year with this offering while increasing the revenue for their customers.


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