Business System Strategy

How To Identify The Key Systems You Need In Your Business

Someone will determine how things are done in the business, either the owner or the employee.  Employees on the front lines usually end up determining how things are done when management doesn’t.  As a result, most small businesses have very inconsistent procedures.  One employee will do it one way and another will do it another way.  The results may vary and the way procedures integrate with other parts of the business is often filled with conflict.

Reduced daily operational emergencies over 75% through the implementation of a business systems development strategy

I decided we needed to build a company that operates as an integrated organism, where the various departments would be integrated and operate synergistically rather than coping with the typical conflicting objectives between departments.  So I needed to identify all the systems we needed and create a Business Systems Development plan that would guide our efforts.  This also provided a comprehensive picture of the business operations.  There were root systems that defined the task of a department, such as Marketing.  Then there were subsystems that would break down to further subsystems until there was a key system operated by a single employee.  We mapped out system steps using diagrams and then defined how those steps were accomplished with specific standards and procedures with checklists or forms, etc.    As the systems in each area of focus were defined and documented, they were included in Position Operating Manuals with reporting loops for management to monitor performance.  By implementing this business systems strategy, there were fewer “fires” to put out on a daily basis, and it improved productivity.  Chaos was reduced around the areas of the operations where systems were implemented.  The company growth, that would have otherwise created additional chaos, was managed smoothly and customer service and service delivery was consistent.  This enabled and supported the growth of the company and minimized growth pains.


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