Solving Fatal Problems

How To Produce and Release a Music CD for $2,000

Most businesses will accept the usual costs for business activities and budget accordingly.  If they don’t have the money, they just don’t do it.  For some reason most business owners are unable to be creative enough to solve problems that would otherwise shut them down.  Sometimes these seemingly insurmountable problems are deadly, but with a little creativity they could become a competitive advantage.  Business owners need a way to facilitate the creative process to innovate and find solutions to problems that would otherwise be fatal to their business.  Too many business owners give up too easily.

Produced and released a music CD for $2,000 after using a problem solving system to figure out how it could be done

It typically takes around $20,000 to produce and release a music CD that looks and sounds professional, as if a major record label released it.  As a Christian music artist, I needed to release a CD to create another stream of income.  Investing $20,000 didn’t make sense and the prospects of breaking even on a project that cost that much was highly unlikely.  So I had to figure out how to maintain a highly professional image with a high quality CD for much less.  I could have gone out to raise donations, but I figured out it wasn’t necessary.  To solve this problem I fell back on a problem solving system I have used in other business situations.  It involved defining the problem, restating it, uncovering the true condition, looking at alternative solutions, affirming a commitment to solving it, deciding on the solution, and then taking action on it.  By using this process, I found that I could eliminate unnecessary elements in the project that didn’t contribute to the goal and also found a new way of doing the project to eliminate costly features.  I found that recording a live performance actually produces a CD that doesn’t require the detailed mixing and production of a studio recording and also tends to sell better.